Digitization to the animation industry.

Most Animators in japan are free lancers.
They are hired per series at several studios.
JAniCA Stopwatch has been made just for them.

Currently in Japanese anime production, in areas where computers where used traditionally, there are many applications that aid production processes and are installed by the studios. However, there are no specific applications that aid individual animators that work individually. JAniCA Stopwatch was created in perspective of animators all around, a tool that could be used in production, that is affordable, that can contributing to the anime industry.。

JAniCA Stopwatch is a first in a series of applications targeted for individual animators.

Profits of this project will be split between Scivone and JAniCA, and will be used for the betterment of the anime industry. If you are part of the animation industry, professional or amateur and have any opinions, please contact us.