Specs and Features


  • Measurement units
    1/24 sec or 1/30 sec

    • Language

    • Lap records
      Unlimited number of records can be recorded.

    • Data sheets
      Timesheet format(Sheet/Second/Frame), lap difference, will be shown after finishing.

    • Lap Mark
      Shows the latest 10 records on clock face.

    • Tick sounds
      Ticks every 1/12 or 1/15 of a second.

    Gestures for App handling

    • Start Recording
      Taping will start recording.

      • Normal lap recording
        Tapping after recording will mark the time.

        • Long hold lap recording
          holding down on the screen will mark the start and end of holding down.

        • Stop Recording
          Double finger tapping or flicking will stop recording time. Repeating the same command will reset all recordings.

        • Reset Recording
          Double finger tapping or flicking while recording is stopped will reset all recordings.

        • Show Buttons
          For users who dislike using gestures, buttons can be shown in place (Settings need to be changed in the iOS settings menu).

        Settings (From settings in the iOS)

        • Measurement unit change(1/24sec or 1/30sec)

        • Click sounds on/off

        • Tick sounds on/off

        • Startup Help on/off

        • Stop Button show on/off

        • Shake Reset (default is off)

        • Show lap times in real time (default is off, only recommended on iphone4)

Buy JAniCA Watch Now

Buy JAniCA Stopwatch Now
Available at the App Store for 2.99$.


  • iPhone OS 3.1.2 or above , iPod touch 2G、iPhone 3G、iPhone 3GS、iPhone4(Retina Display ready).

  • Due to spec limitations, iPod touch 1G will not be supported.


  • Sound effects will not be played if system is set to Silent mode.

  • If sounds do not play even when Silent mode is off, please check if the volume is set to zero, some application automatically change the volume, and do not set them back when quit.

  • App is intended for high proficiency, thus lacking any buttons, for better handling, please read the startup help shown at initial boot up.